Little Gear Software

It takes a little gear to make the bigger gears turn...

Why the name Little Gear people ask... Well after many years in the software development industry I've seen the importance of IT systems in business and have helped many business move from paper based systems to new software based systems to gain efficiencies and streamline the way they conduct their business. Where the Little Gear comes in, this is my analogy of what software in business is, the software that runs your business may be a little component to your business but it is the underlying gear that keeps things moving fluently allowing you to focus on things that are more important.

At Little Gear we have expert staff that can guide you through the process of building software or designing a new website for your business. And don't worry, we speak in terms you'll understand, not some IT jargon that makes you more confused then you possibly already were.

Little Gear Software is a Canberra based business dealing with small to large organisations. We're always up for a chat so feel free to give us a call.

Michael Henry
Owner - Little Gear Software